Reader Question:

Maybe i am blind, but a girl I’m interested in is apparently contemplating me. I have the mild pressing, large vision, etc. Whenever she texts, she will frequently deliver smiley faces at the conclusion. The problem is we work with the exact same organization, different divisions. She said she’ll perhaps not date a co-worker, not too our company is actually. She even stated she’s very particular about just who she allows into the woman exclusive existence after which let me in.

Am i simply a sluggish, dimwitted guy who’s blind into the indicators?

-Nick (Colorado)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:


Perhaps you are sluggish or even she’s providing you with numerous mixed indicators you are unable to generate minds or tails from it. Thus, to be of assistance, I’ve made a careful directory of all indicators as well as their prospective definition:

1. Light coming in contact with — great indication she’s interested.

2. Big sight — If the visual communication continues above two moments, she actually is physically drawn to you.

3. Smiley faces when she texts — indicates absolutely nothing. Females make use of emoticons in business and delight just as.

4. She stated she’ll perhaps not date a co-worker — It just means she’s attempting to show you she has ethics and might need help in discussing the woman boundaries. I would deliver this topic up once again.

5. Tells you she doesn’t try to let many individuals into her private life immediately after which enable you to in — You’re in!

My personal guidance. Go slowly. Remain pals for some time. When in question, gay chat numbers (perhaps not book!) regarding it. Good-luck!

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