The Sentricon Always Active Termite Baiting System is used every day by termite professionals to eradicate termites from Australian homes. There simply is no better Termite Baiting System!

When it was released in 1997, Sentricon created the termite baiting market. Using wood monitoring stations to lure termites in and the cellulose bait matrix to deliver colony elimination, it provided the industry with a completely different way to manage termites.

“It took 17 years of development to bring Sentricon AlwaysActive to the market – no small feat. Today, the Sentricon system is regarded as the ideal option for pest managers needing an effective and durable solution for termite control,” said Mr Rob Kaan, CortevaAgriscience Managing Director.

No other termite management system comes close to this level of proven effectiveness.

“More than 70 independently published articles prove that Sentricon eliminates termite colonies, shown over 20 years of use by pest managers. Similarly, its durability is unparalleled; unless consumed by termites, the rods can remain effective in the stations in the ground for over a decade.”

These benefits, combined with flexibility in monitoring, give Sentricon a real advantage. With it’s exceptional environmental and safety profile, Sentricon has all bases covered.

Sentricon – Over 15 Years in Australia and still going strong…..

In 1997, Dow AgroSciences launched the Sentricon*Termite Colony Elimination System in Australia, and here we are, over fifteen years on, still going strong with many of the original companies that used it then, still using it today and all agree it is an extremely important and profitable part of their business.
Being the first monitoring and baiting system available here in Australia, Dow AgroSciences really did lead the field with Sentricon and change the way a termite problem was approached and addressed, it was truly a paradigm shift.

The Sentricon system offers many advantages including

Immediate Protection

Once installed, the Sentricon® Always ActiveSystem begins to work immediately. The exact amount of time required to eliminate an existing termite problem will vary, but your home is protected from new or recurrent attacks as soon as the Sentricon System is installed.

All the Termite Protection You Need

Unlike other termite baiting systems, the Sentricon® Always ActiveSystem is a complete, stand-alone termite treatment. This means that you will not need to use any other baiting or liquid chemical treatment; the Sentricon® System is all you need.

Proven Results

The outstanding success of the Sentricon® Always ActiveSystem has been tested and proven by universities and the Department of Agriculture.

Gentle on Your Home and Property

Unlike other termite systems, installation of the Sentricon® Always ActiveSystem does not require damaging your home. There is no drilling in the floors and foundation, no digging or trenching, and no tank trucks of chemical solution. Instead, the Sentricon® Always ActiveSystem is quietly installed in discreet locations around your home.

Environmentally Responsible

The premier bait used in the Sentricon® Always ActiveSystem has been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency, meaning that it meets the strict requirements of the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative. Plus, this system uses the smallest possible qualities in strategic locations. It is for these reasons that the Sentricon® System is the only termite treatment to win the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award from the EPA.

Authorized Operators are required by Dow AgroSciences, the manufacturer of the Sentricon® System, to undergo frequent comprehensive training and pass annual quality reviews.

Endapest Services Installed Sentricon Always Active Systems

Sentricon systems are one of the best termite control systems available to protect your entire house from termites. The main ingredient used in a Sentricon termite treatment is Noviflumuron, which eliminates queen termites and entire termite colonies very effectively.
If your property is experiencing a termite infestation or if you want to prevent one from happening in the future, you should consider getting Sentricon termite bait stations installed.

Endapest Services is a licensed installer of Sentricon Always Active systems. These Sentricon termite control systems provide an effective, safe and cost-effective way to protect your property against termite infestation in the long-term. Sentricon termite control systems aren’t toxic for humans and animals to be near, meaning it’s safe to be around your home while the termites are being eliminated.

How Does the Sentricon Termite Protection System Work?

Most types of termite control systems fail at eliminating termite infestations, since the termites usually die near the bait stations. This alerts the other termites who will then avoid the bait stations.

The bait inside Sentricon termite bait stations includes an active chemical called hexaflumuron. This chemical affects a termites’ ability to produce chitin, which termites use to build their exoskeletons. Termites have to continue producing chitin in order to survive. However, the hexaflumuron stops termites from producing chitin, causing them to eventually die.

Sentricon termite treatments are made to infect the termites but not kill them straight away. In fact, it allows the termite enough time to travel back to the colony and get the other termites to feed off the bait as well, unknowingly further spreading the hexaflumuron to the rest of the colony.


Here’s why: The Sentricon® system is scientifically designed to eliminate the entire subterranean termite colony
— including its queen. Never had termites? Keep it that way with Sentricon.

How to Get Sentricon Always Active Bait Stations Installed

You can contact Endapest Services and request that one of our technicians come to your property to perform an inspection and ascertain whether your home is infested or not. Once the inspection has been completed, we can install Sentricon termite bait stations that involve digging a small hole in the ground surrounding the building where the Sentricon system will be placed. Termites much prefer eating this bait over wood, and they’ll then take it back to their colony, beginning the extermination process.

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There simply is no better Termite Baiting System!