All of our Endapest Services Termite inspections are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3660.2. It is recommended that inspections be carried out at least once a year or more frequently in high risk areas. Our 40 plus years of inspection experience, equals’ peace of mind.

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Clearly it is very important to take every action possible to prevent termites and the damage they can do. The most commonly encountered termites are subterranean termites that often live in large underground nests where they travel through the soil and then build mud tunnels to gain access to the timber in your home.

Many people fail to realise, until it’s too late, the extensive damage that termites can cause to modern homes. The Termites remain concealed as they enter your home through underground leads and when inside your home, the worker termites chew up the timber to feed the nest. This frequently leaves the timbers hollow and structurally unsound.

It is often not until the timbers collapse and the damage is extensive, that you realise you have a termite problem.

Termites, or white ants as they are commonly known, cause serious structural damage to timber and other cellulose based products. The most common species, Coptotermes acinaciformis, is in fact one of the most destructive termite species in the world. Studies have revealed that on average 1 in every 5 homes are attacked at some stage by this destructive pest. In some areas this can be as high a 1 in every 3 homes.

Nearly all homes are at risk of termite attack, not just timber ones.

A CSIRO study found that steel-framed and masonry houses have virtually the same risk of termite attack. Termites can also damage plasterboard, carpets, plastics, books, artwork and electrical insulation. The Australian standard AS3660.2 recommends that termite inspections be carried out at least every 12 months, and more frequently for high risk areas. A termite inspection will not stop termites from attacking your home, however the valuable knowledge gained from our Endapest Services termite experts can reduce the risk of termite attack.

Termite barriers don’t stop termites.

You may be surprised to know that termite barriers built into new houses aren’t actually designed to stop termites getting in; they just make the termites easier to see during inspection. The crucial part of the previous statement is “they just make the termites easier to see during inspection”, therefore if no inspection is carried out, you have next to no protection. Regular termite inspections must be carried out to ensure the installed system can do its job.

Mudgee Pest Control
Mudgee Pest Control
Mudgee Pest Control

New termite colonies are established when winged termites fly from their colony in their thousands when climatic conditions are favourable, usually between November through to February.

Not inspecting for termites can be very expensive.

Termite damage is generally not covered by your home insurance and some building warranties can be invalidated if regular termite inspections are not carried out.

To find out more about our termite inspections and make sure your house isn’t being destroyed by these destructive pests, please call us on 1800 363 273 for total peace of mind.

Visual Termite Inspection Report

A Endapest Services visual termite inspection report is applicable to all homes and properties, whether they be residential or commercial, and will cover all accessible areas such as roof voids, subfloors, the internal living areas and all external areas of the property including out-buildings garages, sheds, studios, granny flats, fences, trees, stumps, landscaping timbers and retaining walls. A report is compiled highlighting any termite activity or damage found. We will also make reference to conditions that make your home more favourable to termites, gardens to high against house, poor drainage, plumbing leaks, untreated garden and landscaping timbers etc. We may also include any treatment recommendations and signs of previous treatments. Depending on the construction type of your home a more invasive inspection is available and may be recommended.

Termites (commonly known as White Ants) cause hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to homes and buildings every year. Most termite pests in Australia are subterranean ground dwelling that live in a colony which can contain several million individual termites. Termites can travel up to one hundred meters, but more commonly only travel up to 75 meters through mud tubes or galleries from their main colony to a particular food source that could be your home. These colonies can be very difficult to find and are sometimes located in trees, stumps, walls, under floors of homes or even under concrete slabs.


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We are a family owned, environmentally responsible company with a focus on the use of safe and eco-friendly pest control products. We understand how important the health of your family is.

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We are not like other pest control companies. We are confident in our ability to protect your home or business which is why we offer Warranties on our work.

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Commercial Pest Control Services

When running a business or commercial kitchen, you can’t afford to risk your name or reputation by having your customers affected by potentially dangerous, unhealthy, unsightly pests. Endapest services specialises in pest management solutions for the commercial side of the pest management industry. In order to maintain a pest-free and hygienic environment for staff and customers, your business may be required to undergo regular treatments. Endapest Services with consultation with you can tailor a program to suit the needs of your business, using treatments that cater for your working environment.

Residential Pest Control Services

We at Endapest pride ourselves in providing comprehensive pest control services to your home or business premises. We have developed our methods and systems of pest management to make them environmentally friendly and cost effective. Endapest Services has over 40 years of local experience in the Mudgee, Gulgong, Rylstone, Kandos and Newcastle areas so you know you’re in safe hands.

At Endapest Services our aim is to provide you with a pleasant and no fuss Pest Management experience.

Mudgee Pest Control

Termite Inspections

Not getting a building inspection has cost many a new and existing home owner a small fortune and the advantage of using a local pest controller is significant, using someone with strong local knowledge adds to the performance and inspection detail, Endapest Services have been operating in the pest control industry locally for over 40 years, so you know you are not only buying the best inspection methods but you are also getting the experience with it.

Endapest Services other Eco-friendly services!

We are proud to be FMC Eflex Accredited

We can professionally treat all pests in your home or business and we also offer, as specially trained FMC Eflex and HomeGuard Accredited Operators we can arrange the FMC Million Dollar Warranty. Endapest Services and FMC Australasia proudly offer new benchmarks with the Elfex range of responsible termite management products and the ultimate termite management commitment to the Australian consumer – the FMC One Million Dollar Manufacturer’s Warranty against termite damage.

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We are FMC HomeGuard Accredited installers

Building a new home? Protect it with our pre-construction applications; as Accredited HomeGuard Operators Endapest Services installs the FMC termite management system HomeGuard at time of construction. All HomeGaurd products must be installed by a HomeGuard Accredited Operator to qualify for the FMC Million Dollar Warranty. Regardless of your home’s design, there is a total HomeGuard solution to suit a wide range of structural requirements – to qualify for the FMC Million Dollar Warranty

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Termite Treatments

All of our Endapest Services Termite inspections are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3660.2. It is recommended that inspections be carried out at least once a year or more frequently in high risk areas.

Altriset® Termite Treatments

According to the CSIRO 1 in 3 Australian homes will be attacked by termites and this rate is increasing. Termites are a hidden danger and if you suspect that you have termites or have already located active Termites on your property, Endapest Services can solve your termite problem quickly.

Termite Baiting Systems

It’s very important that the person doing the termite baiting should have many years of field-work experience in termite control and be professionally trained in related subjects, such as termite biology, ecology, building construction and associated likely termite entry points, termite detection and reporting, along with integrated termite management procedures. With so much at stake, the home-owner should NOT risk do-it-yourself amateur treatments or baiting for termites.

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“I would like to pass on my appreciation for the way your technicians conducted themself and the excellent way they explained what was going on, what he would do and the follow-up advice he provided. I don’t often write an email like this but with the good service and excellent results, I had to pass on my appreciation to you. Thanks and we will do business again.”
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“We wish to express our thanks to all involved with the service supplied to us with the termite problem we had in our house. The work was attended to promptly and politely. Your company service man was most helpful in allaying our fears and very efficient with his work. In conclusion we have no hesitation in recommending your company to all our friends.”
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“Our initial contact with your company was down to earth and professional and the technician was courteous and the service very professional. Wow, so thoughtful for calling to let us know you were running behind. We particularly liked the fact your company got rid of the pests while still being kind to the environment. The overall service we received was excellent.”
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“Endapest Services was recommended to us by friends who were very happy with your service. We have children and pets so the productsused was very important to us. The overall experience with the service was fantastic. Your technician was on time and was friendly and able to answer our questions. We were also impressed that the pest treatment had no smell.”
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“I find Endapest Services to be very courteous and professional with their pest control work and I also like them because they are a local business, with prompt service and very competitive value for money job pricing. I always recommend your company to anyone who needs pest control. Like every year, thank you for another great job dealing with my pests.”
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“Our experience with your company was very professional as well as thorough. The pest control gentleman was very calm and had a confident personality when treating our bee swam who had arrived unexpectedly and was setting up home in the wall of our house, near our front door. My kids and I are no longer afraid to use the front door. Thanks Endapest Services.”
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