Buying a house or property is never an easy task, but when you find the property you love! Call us so we can have the Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection written report to you within the time frame required to ensure you are ready to complete your purchase.


Not getting a building inspection has cost many a new and existing home owner a small fortune and the advantage of using a local pest controller is significant, using someone with strong local knowledge adds to the performance and inspection detail of the inspection report.

Prompt service, simple to understand and fully insured – what more could you want from a pre-purchase timber pest inspection report! That’s what you get every time you choose Endapest Services for your pre-purchase house or building AS4349.3 timber pests inspection reports.

Endapest Services have been operating in the pest control industry locally for over 30 years, so you know you are not only buying the best inspection methods but you are also getting a wealth of experience with it.


When selling your property you don’t want to be surprised by an agent advising that the potential purchaser has just had a timber pest inspection completed and there are signs of termite damage in your home, or worse still active termites in your home or on the property.

It’s a very good idea to organise your own Endapest® Timber Pest Inspection report before putting your property on the market, then if the report identifies any issues or potential issues these can be addressed before commencing the sale process, thus minimizing the opportunities for the buyer to have grounds to justify a price reduction from you.


The purchase of a home is usually the single biggest investment in our lifetime, so it’s important to take the right steps to protect that investment. Termites, borers and wood decay can severely damage a property and repairing it can be very costly. The advice of the Endapest Services pest inspector could be all that prevents you from buying a home that is severely damaged or it could protect your home from thousands of dollars of termite damage.

When requesting a building inspection or pre purchase timber pest inspection you need to know what a thorough inspection involves and you need to choose a company with suitably qualified operators that can provide a report to the Australian Standard.

  1. The Inspection usually takes between 1 to 2.5 hours depending on the size, construction type and state of the property.
  2. All accessible areas will be inspected and reported, however many houses are very difficult to inspect. To inspect for timber pests, good access to all timbers in the house is needed.
  3. The Endapest® timber pest inspection report will note all areas that can’t be inspected and the potential risk to the building from these inaccessible areas.
  4. The Endapest Services report will also give you relevant information on conditions contributing to timber pest attack and suggestions on how to protect your property.
  5. The Endapest ® report will list any old damage and any current activity will be recorded in the report and if active timber pests are found, they will be formally identified and contain recommendations for pest management or the application of chemical treatment for building protection.
Endapest Services usually Inspects in this order:

This order of the Endapest Services inspection helps with keeping the home clean and undisturbed as the Endapest Services inspector’s clothes may become soiled from the roof space and sub floor inspections, so we like to start the inspection with clean clothes in the interior areas.

Interior areas (where accessible and applicable to the building construction)

Visually inspect and test interior walls, timbers around windows and doors, flooring, skirting boards, stairways cupboards, partitioning and exposed ceiling beams.

Visually inspect behind plumbing and around pipe penetrations through slab-on-ground construction, and test all timbers adjacent to plumbing or plumbing fixtures.

Visually inspect in and around fireplaces from floor to ceiling as masonry absorbs moisture and fireplaces often contain voids for subterranean termite nests.

Visually inspect slab-on-ground floors.

Visually inspect and test any other susceptible areas or timber.

Roof Space (where accessible and applicable to the building construction)

Visually inspect and test timber roof truss members / roof framing, including rafters, ceiling joists, ridge boards, battens etc.

Visually inspect and test timber members adjacent to the fireplace chimney, noting evidence of excessive moisture around the chimney flashing.

Visually inspect and test any top wall plates and accessible roof/wall juncture (eaves) timbers.

Visually inspect the roof lining, around water heaters and air conditioning units.

Visually inspect and test any other susceptible areas or timber.

Subfloor Spaces (where accessible and applicable to the building construction)

Visually inspect all subfloor areas such as foundation walls, piers, behind plumbing pipes, air/ heat ducts, under loose timbers, builder’s debris, and stored materials.

Visually inspect and test timber members, such as bottom wall plates, base plates, bearers, joists and the underside of flooring and any other timbers especially those close to plumbing and drains.

Visually inspect and test all timber in contact with soil, such as posts and formwork, stumps or any other cellulose containing material.

Visually inspect and test soil around piers and foundation walls, noting the condition or existence of termite shields.

Visually inspect any electrical junction boxes and conduit for evidence of subterranean termite mud-packing or shelter tubes.

Visually inspect and test any other susceptible areas or timber.

Exterior Areas (where accessible)

Visually inspect eaves, window/door frames and exterior walls, noting obstruction of ventilators or “weep holes” and signs of activity or excessive moisture such as defective drainage, clogged or damaged gutters and inadequate moisture sealing.

Visually inspect slab edges including any cracks and expansion joints and noting any evidence of insufficient slab edge exposure.

Visually inspect and test timber members that rest on or extend into concrete or soil such as verandah support posts and decking.

Visually inspect paths and driveways that are finished up to the building for areas that could allow undetected termite entry.

Visually inspect and test decks, handrails, stairways and external joinery.

Visually inspect and test timber rafters, such as carport or garage, cubby house, garden shed.

Note any areas that are wet or moist which could serve as a moisture source for subterranean termites.

Visually inspect and test timber fences, timbers used in landscaping, garden boxes or tubs, fire wood, paving blocks and sleepers.

Visually inspect trees and tree stumps for any termite activity.

Visually inspect and test any other susceptible timbers.

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Following are some prevention methods you can do to help protect your home from timber pests:

Termites avoid light and rarely come out into the open. Infestations and the damage they cause can often escape detection for a long period of time, Endapest ® recommends regular inspections to check for any termite activity, call us now on Free Call 1800 244 733 to discuss your termite pest control solutions.

  1. Minimise moisture in the soil beneath and next to buildings, as subterranean termites and wood decay fungi are attracted by moisture and humidity.
  2. Keep building timbers and sub floor dry and well ventilated. Moisture in walls can encourage termites to move upwards, so any leaks or plumbing faults should always be repaired.
  3. Vegetation which grows on or close to buildings can prevent the escape of moisture from walls and soil, impede airflow through ventilators and make inspection of the building’s exterior difficult or impossible.
  4. Don’t attract termites with woodpiles stored directly on soil nearby the house or other buildings. Similarly, don’t store timber of other cellulose-containing materials such as cardboard and paper directly on soil underneath or next to buildings.
  5. Some form of barrier against termites should be installed in new buildings.
  6. Replace previously damaged or susceptible timber with timber that’s more termite resistant.
  7. Carry out regular pest inspections of your home / building.

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Endapest Services other Eco-friendly services!


We are proud to be FMC Eflex Accredited

We can professionally treat all pests in your home or business and we also offer, as specially trained FMC Eflex and HomeGuard Accredited Operators we can arrange the FMC Million Dollar Warranty. Endapest Services and FMC Australasia proudly offer new benchmarks with the Elfex range of responsible termite management products and the ultimate termite management commitment to the Australian consumer - the FMC One Million Dollar Manufacturer's Warranty against termite damage.

We are FMC HomeGuard Accredited installers

Building a new home? Protect it with our pre-construction applications; as Accredited HomeGuard Operators Endapest Services installs the FMC termite management system HomeGuard at time of construction. All HomeGaurd products must be installed by a HomeGuard Accredited Operator to qualify for the FMC Million Dollar Warranty. Regardless of your home’s individual design, there is a total HomeGuard solution to suit a wide range of structural requirements - to qualify for the FMC Million Dollar Warranty
When running a business or commercial kitchen, you can’t afford to risk your name or reputation by having your customers affected by potentially dangerous, unhealthy, unsightly pests. Endapest services specialises in pest management solutions for the commercial side of the pest management industry including: Read more >
Not getting a building inspection has cost many a new and existing home owner a small fortune and the advantage of using a local pest controller is significant, using someone with strong local knowledge adds to the performance and inspection detail, Endapest Services have been operating in the pest control industry locally for over 30 years, so you know you are not only buying the best inspection methods but you are also getting the experience with it. Read more >
All of our Endapest Services Termite inspections are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3660.2. It is recommended that inspections be carried out at least once a year or more frequently in high risk areas. Read more >
According to the CSIRO 1 in 3 Australian homes will be attacked by termites and this rate is increasing. Termites are a hidden danger and if you suspect that you have termites or have already located active Termites on your property, Endapest Services can solve your termite problem quickly. Read more >
Here at Endapest Services® we are constantly keeping up with the latest in technology and are Altriset® accredited. DuPont Altriset® is the latest termiticide to be released into the market place. Altriset® is the environmentally smart choice and is the first liquid termiticide that doesn’t require special personal protective equipment to apply or need a caution label, making it the smart choice for your family, pets and the environment. Read more >
Do I need to use a licensed pest controller? YES. Baiting termites requires an intimate knowledge of termite behaviour. Endapest Services has experience in solving termite problems of over 30 years in your local area. Read more >

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“Our experience with your company was very professional as well as thorough. The pest control gentleman was very calm and had a confident personality when treating our bee swam who had arrived unexpectedly and was setting up home in the wall of our house, near our front door. My kids and I are no longer afraid to use the front door. Thanks Endapest Services.”
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